William wordsworth and robert browning essay

Family background[ edit ] Some of Elizabeth Barrett's family had lived in Jamaica since Elizabeth's maternal grandfather owned sugar plantationsmillsglassworks and ships that traded between Jamaica and Newcastle. Biographer Julia Markus states the poet "believed that she had African blood through her grandfather Charles Moulton", but [5] there is no evidence of this — although other branches of her family had African blood through relationships between plantation owners and slaves. What the family believed to be their genealogy in relation to Jamaica is unclear.

William wordsworth and robert browning essay

I shall begin by analysing the poems and looking for three similarities and differences, which will make me decide my final conclusion. The simplest similarity that links these two poems is that they are both about nature.

Meeting at Night gives the impression of secrecy and darkness that goes together with the night and the morning suggests the revelation which light brings that prevents them getting together. In Resolution and Independence Wordsworth describes the nature more briefly and accurately.

The language Wordsworth has used has a great effect on our senses. Both of the poems also change from negative to positive.

Only in the language of the third and fourth lines there is a hint of a metaphor used, which describes similarities between waves and living creatures: It also helps us to relate to the description very easily.

In Resolution and Independence, we are given a scene of the countryside that was stormy the previous night, but has cleared up through the morning and now proves to be a cheerful day.

Both poems use traditional poetic techniques well. By describing it to us using alliteration, the poet helps us hear as well as picture the scene he wishes to create.

Personally this technique made me draw more attention to particular words. Resolution and Independence also uses iambic pentameter which is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one more thoughtfully than Meeting at Night e.

On the other hand these two poems have variety of differences. Meeting at Night has detailed narrative structure with a beginning, middle and end, but Resolution and Independence has little narrative structure but is more descriptive and accurate.

The structure of Meeting at Night is clear and an important contributor to the overall effect it has on us. The way Browning slowly builds up the tension throughout the poem helps us create a feeling of real excitement and mystery.

In the poem the narrative structure is revealed through a series of images and ideas, which gradually develop the feeling and the meaning.

Personally Meeting at Night has engaged me to read on to find out what happens next.

William wordsworth and robert browning essay

It also creates suspense and tension by moving from negative to positive. The metre gives us meaning far more clearly and thoughtfully in Resolution and Independence. But as the story gradually develops the image starts to appear normal.

Usually syllables that rhyme are stressed e. Boring or common syllables are rarely stressed e. The thoughtful use of Iambic pentameter in Resolution and Independence makes the poem for us as readers far easier and straightforward.

Resolution and Independence also involves animals, unlike Meeting at Night, which is more about human beings and their struggles. Personally, I believe Wordsworth highlights the needs and struggles of animals and not just humans. In Meeting at Night Browning takes advantage of poetic techniques such as onomatopoeia and repeats this technique repeatedly throughout the poem which creates a desired effect.

I personally believe the two poets are using different approaches to express the same emotion, which are the passion, feeling and love of nature.

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They also use similar ideas and images but far more differently. Both of these poets have chosen their words carefully, each word is there for a purpose. Effective imagery almost etches itself on our mind as readers and can be a very persuasive, acting to engage us strongly in the writing.【 Compare and contrast the poem Meeting at Night by Robert Browning with Resolution and Independence by William Wordsworth Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here!

Although remembered now for his elegantly argued critical essays, Matthew Arnold () began his career as a poet, winning early recognition as a student at the Rugby School where his father, Thomas Arnold, had earned national acclaim as a strict and innovative headmaster.

Compare and contrast the poem Meeting at Night by Robert Browning with Resolution and Independence by William Wordsworth Essay Blake’s Songs Of Innocence And Experience Analysis Essay The Angel-William Blake Essay.

Robert Browning and William Wordsworth lived at almost the same era, but their works were very different from each other.

William wordsworth and robert browning essay

It is not hard to distinguish Browning’s work from that of Wordsworth by the methods they employed in their poems. In "Caliban Upon Setebos" by Robert Browning, Caliban, an enslaved, gruesome character from William Shakespeare's The Tempest, is given a chance to speak his mind on religion, power, and human nature.

In The Tempest Caliban's character comes off 5/5(1). Robert Browning is one of the most significant Victorian Poets and, of course, English Poetry. Much of his reputation is based upon his mastery of the dramatic monologue although his talents encompassed verse plays and even a well-regarded essay on Shelley during a long and prolific career.

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