What type of blog should i write a novel

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What type of blog should i write a novel

The first was typed directly into Scrivener. The second was handwritten, typed on a typewriter, and entered into Scrivener simultaneously. This last book, however, took a simpler route, one that left me wholly satisfied when I reached the final page.


I thought I knew what I was getting into. I wrote about the joys of going analog and how computers made things too easy. Some of that still holds water. Other parts are a steaming pile of horsepuckey. Allow me to explain. Why Pen and Paper?

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Because a notebook is lighter than a laptop, or even an iPad. And because I have a new baby and a typewriter makes too much noise. When I wrote about writing more often on paper, I listed the following as reasons: My brain does one round of self-editing as I carefully choose my words while physically writing them down.

To a degree, those concepts remained true throughout. I did find myself thinking more before I committed words to the page.

My biggest reason for using pen and paper? It was the ultimate distraction-free environment. While I knew my phone was in my pocket the whole time, I never felt the need to pull it out unless I had to consult Google or Terminology.

Knowing a world of useless quizzes and fights about new iPhones are one minor finger movement away is dangerous in the wrong hands. What was the Process Like? Like all great things in life, writing longhand takes time and stamina.

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I never worried about daily word count, though I did try for at least one page per day. With the help of a 0. The biggest thrill came from watching the back of the notebook get thinner. Once I had several chapters down, I switched over to Scrivener and began transcribing them into the computer.

Yes, I wrote two drafts simultaneously. Yes, I realize this might make other writers cringe, but you know what? The greats will tell you to step away from a first draft before you start your edits. Take a week, maybe a month and do something else until what you wrote looks like it was written by someone else.

I did that for the last two novels, but not this one. I kept this one fresh in my mind the whole time. I wrote entire chapters knowing I was going to turn around and massacre them when it came time to migrate them into the computer.

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First drafts are supposed to suck and parts of mine were practically made by Dyson. It made me think more, but I still forgot pieces of scenes and sometimes I ended a paragraph early just to avoid further hand-cramping. Every method has trade-offs and for me, the trade-offs of enduring wicked hand pain over writing with distractions were worth every knuckle crack.

As I stated above, I wrote everything in an extra large Moleskine notebook. If you pay attention to stationery blogs and podcasts which, if you read The Cramped, you probably doMoleskine paper gets a lot of guff from enthusiasts.

My pen of choice is a Pilot Hi-Tec-C —not the cheapest pen, but definitely the smoothest and with a point small enough to allow me to cram a ton of words on each page. The rest of the book was written with a complete disregard for healthy sleeping habits and enough caffeine to fuel 50 circus elephants.

I wrote for two hours, then went to work. If I had time on my lunch break, I kept at it. My train commutes were spent reading.

If you want to be a great writer, you need to read. Others will tell you. You better make the time to read.Of course, these are terrible tips for not writing a novel!

[8 Practical Tips to Avoid Too Much Plot in Your Novel] 5. Write for the market only. Now let’s talk about one of the biggest keys to a novel that really has no chance.

what type of blog should i write a novel

Start by chasing the market. Study the bestseller . Should I write a book or start a blog?

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We recently got this question from a reader: “Many people in my life have told me that I should write a book. Copywriting formulas make it dead-simple to write anything. Read & understand + models for great advertising headlines, tweets, pages, posts & more.

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