Vivisection is it for you essay

Many people today, including scientists and doctors, are questioning the suffering and killing of animals for the sake of human beings.

Vivisection is it for you essay

Is it morally correct to dissect a frog or a worm for the purpose of educating a high school student?

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Twenty-five to thirty-five million animals are spared in the U. Although vivisection serves as an important tool for scientists and doctors to work in research and may benefit humans, the harms indeed outweigh the benefits. Animal experimentation was not common until the early nineteenth century and emerged as an important method of science.

The first recorded action of vivisection was the study of body humors by Erasistratus in Alexandria during the third century 1: He is considered to be the founder of experimental physiology. During the Renaissance Era, Andreas Vesalius conducted experiments on monkeys, swine, and goats 1: By the late eighteenth century, the methods of scientific discovery were changer to experimentation of live animals by two French physiologists, Claude Bernard and Francious Magnedie.

They revolutionized methods of scientific discovery by establishing live animal as common practice 1: There are different views as to why or why not there should be animal experimentation. For example, Descartes believed that animals are incapable of feeling pain.

In other words, Descartes believes that animals have no sensations. Singer argues and thinks that animals have feelings, desires, and preferences.

He observed that stimuli that cause pain to humans, such as hitting and burning, cause pain to animals 1: He also feels that animals should not be tested for toxic substances, instead one should use cell tissue cultures 5: The people who favor animal experimentation feel that research is for the purpose of humans.

In other words, the means justifies the end if the end benefits society. They also believe that humans are superior to all other creatures 1: Research is for biomedical purposes; 1 to add scientific understanding of basic biological behavior, functions, and processes 2 to improve human or animal health by studying the natural history of the disease 1: Most of the times by doing research one performs tests on animals.

For example, rabbits are locked in a chamber and forced to inhale grass, sprays, and vapors. In dermal toxicity studies, rabbits have their fur removed to have substances placed on their skin.

Testing is conducted to assess the potency, effectiveness, or toxicity of substances that have established or potential usefulness for medical, scientific, or commercial purposes 1: For instance, new drugs are tested for efficiency and safety before clinical trials are conducted on humans.

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Tests on animals are done to establish safety levels for humans of known toxic substances 1: Although testing might seem like the most efficient way to gain knowledge in these areas, alternatives exist.

The use of slides, films, computer programs, and models can fulfill the same job without any harm. For example, in vet schools the symptoms of strychnine poisoning were demonstrated by poisoning dogs and then put on a video tape. In medical schools procedures are easier to follow by camera.

Vivisection is it for you essay

Students can watch surgery performed by the top practitioner of the area. By using videos lives are saved, suffering is reduced, and money is saved 6: Animals are also used to teach human concepts at all levels of education, to instruct students in biology, to teach certain skills, and to train the next generation of scientists 1:Vivisection Industrial Complex Essay.

Lab experimentation involving animals is inhumane - Vivisection Industrial Complex Essay introduction. Animal testing is cruel because an animal s life is just as important as a human s life, people are exploiting animals, and animal testing doesn t show whether or not a product is safe for humans.

affirmed that "vivisection is indispensable for physical research".

- Vivisection: Is it for you. Animal Research has become a heated debate over the past few decades, reaching a high point around the end of the twentieth century yet it still continues through today. There are two main ways to look at this topic: the logos pro side and the pathos anti side. Research topic: Vivisection and whether it should be morally accepted for the benefits of human beings. This report attempts to prove that vivisection should be morally accepted by the society. In essence, the report touches on the importance of vivisection in medicine and other non-medicine products too. If vivisection is wrong then it is wrong for the government to fund vivisection. Quasi-realism can successfully deal with this problem by interpreting valid moral arguments in terms of attitudes of approval and disapproval. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays.

This is when the anti-vivisection movement was established ("vivisection"). There are different views as to why or why not there should be animal experimentation. For example, Descartes believed that animals are incapable of feeling pain.

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Vivisection is the act of experimenting on animals. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic, said of vivisection,"It should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection/5(2). Vivisection is the experimentation on live animals - Vivisection, an Unnecessary and Immoral Practice Essay introduction.

This is a very controversial topic nowadays due to moral reasons. This is a very controversial topic nowadays due to moral reasons. Vivisection essaysVivisection is both immoral and unjustifiable – Discus I am strongly against vivisection.

In this modern world there is no place for this barbaric practice that is 'animal testing'. This is a highly sensitive issue on . Vivisection literally means the 'cutting up' of living animals, but has now become more generally used as the term for all experiments on living animals (in vivo) as many animal experiments, such as toxicity tests, will not involve surgical procedures.

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