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The accidental buddhist

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Browse Memorial Items Peace and serenity are hallmarks of a Buddhist funeral. An image of the Buddha is placed beside or in front of the altar. According to Buddhist funeral customs, a service may be presided over by monks, who will deliver a sermon and perform Buddhist The accidental buddhist.

If a monk is unavailable, others may conduct the service. At a traditional Buddhist funeral, the family will wear white or cover their clothing with a traditional white cloth, along with a headband or armband.

Walk with sticks to symbolize that grief has left them the need for support Chant or sing appropriate sutras prayers Bring offerings of flowers and fruit Burn incense to sweeten the air Ring gongs or bells Although Buddhists understand that death is not an end, only a transition from one form to another, it is acceptable to show grief.

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In doing so, friends and family members acknowledge the loss of their loved one. The deceased may be cremated or buried, although cremation is traditional. Monks, if present, will perform last rites before the casket is sealed.

Family members may assist in lifting the casket as a final act of service, while others attending may observe a moment of respectful silence.

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During the funeral procession, family members may walk behind the hearse; all attendees should be sending good thoughts to the family and contemplating the impermanence of life. The Buddha said, Death is a return to earth.

The accidental buddhist

The universe is like an inn. The passing years are like dust. Regard this phantom world As a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, A flash of lightning in a summer cloud, A flickering lamp — a phantom — and a dream.Sokushinbutsu (即 身 仏) are a kind of Buddhist term refers to the practice of Buddhist monks observing asceticism to the point of death and entering mummification while alive.

They are seen in a number of Buddhist countries, but the Japanese term "sokushinbutsu" is generally used. The Accidental Buddhist is the funny, provocative story of how Dinty W.

Moore, as American as Huckleberry Finn, went looking for the faith he’d lost in what might seem the most unlikely of places: the ancient Eastern tradition of Buddhism.

Like George Plimpton venturing into the world of professional sports, Moore enters the retreat centers A journey through the diverse landscape of American Buddhism, written with a “blessedly down-to-earth sense of humor” (Rodger Kamenetz, author of The Jew in the Lotus).

In an era when many of us yearn for an escape from a culture of noise and narcissism, this book takes us into the physical and spiritual geography of Buddhism, American-style: from a weekend at a mountain retreat for The Accidental Buddhist: Mindfulness, Enlightenment, and Sitting Still by Dinty W.

Moore () Hardcover – out of 5 stars 21 customer reviews See all 6 formats and editions Hide other formats and  · The accidental Buddhist scholar During the ’s, the Departments of Religious Studies and Philosophy at South African universities arranged a series of public lectures on ethical subjects, such as euthanasia, professional secrecy, suicide and so / The Accidental Buddhist is the funny, provocative story of how Dinty Moore went looking for the faith he'd lost in what might seem the most unlikely of places: the ancient Eastern tradition of Buddhism.

Moore demystifies and explains the contradictions and concepts of › Books › Christian Books & Bibles › Catholicism.

Accidental Buddhist: Mindfulness, Enlightenment and () by Dinty W. Moore