Reflection of internship technology

After a decade in publishing I thought I might prefer a dramatic shift toward library science with, perhaps, an emphasis in archives. That was my intention in my first semester. My portfolio reflects the changing nature of my interests in information science. While I still find archives an important and interesting field of study, my emphasis changed as my personal and professional life evolved.

Reflection of internship technology

A new experience or situation, or a reinterpretation of existing experience, is encountered. Of particular importance are any inconsistencies between experience and understanding. Abstract Conceptualization Reflection gives rise to a new idea, or to a modification of an existing abstract concept.

Active Experimentation The learner applies new ideas to the world around them to see what results. Importance of a mentor or faculty guide to the reflection Your reflection process is best led by a workplace guide such as a supervisor, mentor, or a faculty member after the experience.

This post-experience reflection with a guide gives you another voice that can ask questions and draw comparisons to abstract ideas that are now more completely understood. Lessons learned can become internalized and put to use in future work opportunities.

As an intern, at the beginning of your career experiences and career path, you will almost always learn something that will inform you at any future work setting.

Reflection of internship technology

A guide to your reflection activities will point out both the positives of what you learned as well as the learning that you can take from the absence of an obvious achievement.

Both sides can be extremely powerful and transformational as you approach next steps in career development. Below are just a few reflection questions to stimulate your thinking and learning about the internship work experience. What do you think was your most significant accomplishment while you were working?

Are there any new skills that you developed while you were at the worksite and what are they? Describe what you believe the ideal supervisor will be like at work now that you have work experience in your field of study?

Be able to talk about your experience Communication is one of the most important professional skills you can develop. The process of seeking an internship, the work experience itself, and reflecting afterward, will all contribute to the growth of your communication skills.

As you reflect on your internship, practice speakiing succinctly and precisely about your experience. Most listeners will pay attention to shorter answers. You should be able to describe an internship experience in two minutes.

Use action-oriented and positive words. Guide to talking about your internship in two minutes: Use the following as a guide to practice describing your internship: Give the name of the employer organization and site location.

Share one point of interest about the organization. Highlight one main accomplishment you had during the internship. Be able to write about your experience Internships are first professional experiences in the field and each will become a stepping stone to the next work assignment.

In order to leverage internship experience to move forward in your career, it is important to be able to write about your experience in a professional way. You know the importance of the resume in the job search process. Resumes are also used in applying to graduate school, for scholarships, and in nominations to civic boards and other leadership opportunities.

Your ability to write about your internship experience on your resume is incredibly important. Accuracy and representing yourself and your work in a positive manner are critical. Practice, in writing, describing what you did during the internship, including skills and equipment used to manage your work tasks.

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Look back at your job offer and your job description to find keywords that describe your experience. Learning objectives that you established for your internship might also highlight skills that you developed, and equipment and software that you used.

The following is one way to brainstorm about your internship experience to develop an accomplishment statement to use on your resume.

What was a problem or task that you were assigned at work? What action did you take to solve the problem and complete the task?

After your action, what was the end result for your employer organization? Can you quantify this in some way by using a percentage, a number, or other measure? For example, did it increase efficiencies or production?

And if so, by how much?

Reflection of internship technology

On the resume under your internship description, try to list at least one accomplishment statement for every professional experience. Leave off the problem, and begin writing using a past tense action verb, followed by a quantified result. Below are a few examples of accomplishment statements.Reflections and learning from an internship experience.

In experiential learning and internships, the real learning comes after the work term when you have an opportunity to think about what you saw and experienced. Reflecting back about the experience is a key to learning and it is definitely not a new idea.

A reflection on our summer internships. August 11, by Intern Insights Leave a Comment. “The most important aspect I am taking away from my internship as CSC is my thorough understanding of the Information Technology marketplace.

Internship, personal success, professional success, reflection, summer «What will you do with . Educational Technology Course Reflections Here I will be sharing reflections for each of the courses I have participated in during my time in Loyola University's Educational Technology Program.

1: Educational Technology, Departmental Core. Internships are designed to expand the depth and breadth of academic learning for you in your particular areas of study.

It is an opportunity for you to receive experience in applying theories learned in the classroom to specific experiences in the community and work world. An internship can also heighten.

This internship project is a part of my 2- year master program which I conduct at University of Twente, the Netherlands. Figure – Alliander electricity and gas distribution grid, copied from [12]. Internship Report Format Spring Submit your report either in a loose-leaf notebook or thesis binder.

The report must have a title page and a table of contents.

What is an Academic, Credit-Bearing Internship? AD also helped me to better develop my critical thinking and question skills.
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