Population problem of bangladesh

About people live in a square mile. Population is the main problem of Bangladesh. Every year more than 2 million people are added to our population.

Population problem of bangladesh

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Bangladesh currently has a population approaching million and will add another million before stabilizing, unless fertility can soon drop below replacement level. This level of fertility decline will require a change in marriage patterns, which have been minimal so far, even with increasing female schooling.

It would also benefit from a long-awaited shift to long-term contraception. Most of the future growth will be urban, increasingly in slums. Numbers of young people will not increase, but numbers of older people will increase fold this century, creating a large burden on the health system, especially for chronic illnesses.

High density of population means that agricultural land is virtually saturated, with very limited capacity to expand food production.

Climate change may have dramatic impacts on agriculture, through flooding and drought resulting from weather changes and geopolitical influences on transborder rivers. Rising sea-levels and consequent salinity will affect crops and require shifts to alternative land use.

Serious long-term planning is needed for meeting the growing needs of the population, both for distribution and consumption. The precise figure depends on assumptions about rates of growth since the adjusted census figure of , for 22 January Population projections A more important question is what the future popu- lation growth will be.

Until the United Nations Population Division UN PD released the revision of population projections for all the countries of the world, there was a general agreement that Bangladesh would reach million by and finally stabilize at around million in mid-next century 1. However, the revision by the UN PD proposes a pessimistic upgrading of the figure to million as a consequence of the decade-long fertility plateau — This seems excessively high.

The PRB estimate is million for mid-century, which is more realistic, although a new set of Bangladesh population projections should be produced, taking into account the recent demographic events.Though Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world (at 2, persons per square mile), the population density in the slums was roughly times greater, at , persons per square mile.

Population of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. It is a small country of square kilometers. But it has a population over 16 crores. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population.

The problem is now out of control. Over the past four decades, concern with the problem of overpopulation has spread around the country but none of the family planning programmes have matched the proportions of the problem,unlike China with their one-child ashio-midori.com addition to those born in Bangladesh, number of people travel into this country illegally looking for their.

Introduction: Population problem, like energy crisis, is one of the most talked of topics of the world these ashio-midori.com is the burning question of ashio-midori.com the world has a population of about seven hundred crores. The population of the world is increasing day by day. It is creating many problems.

The Bangladesh population in mid was around million.

Population problem of bangladesh

The precise figure depends on assumptions about rates of growth since the adjusted census figure of ,, for 22 January The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) indicates an average rate of natural increase of % annually since the census.

Although the population of a country is an asset, it becomes a problem when the country cannot afford to provide its people with the basic necessaries of life.

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