Mckinsey business plan buch

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Mckinsey business plan buch

Most people complain that mckinsey business plan buch are tera bytes of data and giga bytes of reports and mega bytes of Excel and PowerPoint files.

mckinsey business plan buch

Yet no actionable insights, no innate awareness of what is really going on through the clutter of site clickstream data.

Through my humble experience in this field I have developed a rule to fix this problem and achieve Magnificent Success. Here it what it says……. Highest value from Web Analytics implementation. Bottom-line for Magnificent Success: The rule works quite simply. Most people reading this post probably think this is way overblown or silly or just plain stupid.

I can understand that. Here are some of the reasons I have come to formulate this rule: If your website has more than pages and you get more than 10k visitors a month you can imagine the complexity of the interactions that are happening with your website.

Drop in marketing campaigns, a dynamic site, SEM, more pages, more traffic, promotions and offers and you have a very tough situation to understand.

What’s happening now

Most web analytics tools will spew out data like there is no tomorrow. We seem to be a rat race, one vendor says I can do reports, the next says and the one after that says I can measure the eye color of people who look at your web pages and on an on.

Bottom line is that it will take a lot of intelligence to figure out what is real in all this data and what is fake and what, if anything in the canned reports, is meaningful in all this.

mckinsey business plan buch

It is a given that if you open most web analytics tools that they show the exact same metrics, almost all of them measured and computed differently!

You are going to have to sort this out. Finally actionable Web Insights or as I have now copywrited: You will use this multiplier in future to compare year over year trends if you want to.

Your smart analyst will be able to extract just as much value from GA than your old tool, in fact my prediction is that it will be a lot more.

The cool thing about the recommendation above is that even if you get to Step 3 you can walk away, no harm no fuss and you would have learned something. But I hope that you will go through all the steps and provide folks like me with employment and add strategic value to your companies by providing actionable insights rather than reports.

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It would be rude of me not to start with a bias confession: we sell and market a web analytics tool. That aside, in many ways I agree with the notion of a 10/90 split (regardless of the tool), but I'm not convinced that "analyst" covers the real role of .

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