Is killing ever justified

Explanation[ edit ] Societies have investigated and punished acts of murder very differently over the development of criminal law. The Laws of Solonin early Athenian law, stated that if an accused pleaded that he was justified in killing another, his case would be tried in a dedicated court called the Delphinion where, for example, it was considered justifiable homicide to kill an adulterer or burglar caught in the act. In 18th century English lawit was considered a justifiable homicide if a husband killed a man ravishing his wife Blackstone, Wm.

Is killing ever justified

There are people that do deserve to die I do believe that they are people that deserve to die.

Is killing ever justified

The world is filled wth monsters, serial killers and people that have no respect for you life. If i had a child, I don't care what you will say, but if someone killed my kid i wouln't have a clear conscience as long as he lives. Im talking about a murder, not an accident.

Don't talk about God and the ''Thou shalt not kill'' commandement because it means the in the end, the wicked get what they deserve Hell. But the thruth is that we don't know. We don't know if Hell and Heaven are real and I am not gonna just stay there because the guy might get punished in some supposed afterlife.

Before thinking about Man the son of God, I think about man the animal. You kill a person's child? Get ready for the consequences. Yeah, and when he kill another after he has done his time what are we gonna do?

Yes .... Some people need to die!

The real question is not whether or not kill is sometimes justified. The real question is, are you willing to do this? Even if you know the man has done unspeakables things and will continue to do so, killing a person is not easy.

And even if you are willing, are you ready to face the consenquences? That person might kill you or you might go to prison, is it worth your life? It sucks big time, but we live in a world where innocent people are always attacked and we are told that it is wrong to get rid of it.

Is killing ever justified?

Sorry if you don't agree but life is too short to endure people like that. There are things to have to be done.Second, the killing of a tyrant is no simple task. In the process, innocent people could lose their lives. In fact, the drone attack against Maduro, as it was planned, could have killed people other than the tyrant and his accomplices.

In fact, it is sometimes very adamant that killing is the right thing to do, but it must be justified in God's eyes.

Is Killing Ever Justified No I don’t think killing for any reason is ever justified be it as revenge against someone or just because you want to hurt another person. In the book ‘Kill the Possum’ I think the author is demonstrating to the readers that everyone needs to be responsible for their actions and aware of the consequences of the effects of their actions on others. Killing someone as punishment for what they have done to you is not always right but, of these justified I guess each has to be assessed on its own merits but deep down I believe that life is very precious and should not be taken away from anyone not matter what they have or have not done. Jul 24,  · Is killing ever justified? From suicide bombers to soldiers of war all the way back to abortion is it ever the right thing to do? My husband believes in a concept called Appropirate Resolved.

The Bible allows for three situations where killing is justified: Killing in warfare The Bible offers many examples where God commands His people to kill their enemy aggressors in warfare. Last week, we talked about the first literary version of Jack and the Beanstalk, a weird tale from framed by discussions of Christmas traditions, witches, hobgoblins and ghosts, that hinted.

Is killing ever justified

Jul 24,  · Is killing ever justified? From suicide bombers to soldiers of war all the way back to abortion is it ever the right thing to do? My husband believes in a concept called Appropirate Resolved. Killing can be justified. Killing can be justified if you are preventing a serious crime such as rape, armed robbery, or murder.

If someone is committing a horrible act (killing, sexually assaulting), and you kill them, it could be justified. If you called the police, they would probably kill them too in that situation. Can killing ever be justified?

I think can killing can be justified but only in the worst of situations, like Ellie and her crew faced. No one should ever be able to take the life of another child or human being. If someone is threatening your life and self defence is no longer an option, then killing is within your rights.

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