Internship report on ad agency bitopi

Internship Report Format Spring Submit your report either in a loose-leaf notebook or thesis binder. The report must have a title page and a table of contents. Your report is a summary of your internship. Make sure it is neat, well organized, focused.

Internship report on ad agency bitopi

Similarities Both Grey and Unitrend try to use innovative media. Copy Approach Copy Twist e. Kodak 7 new born baby The concept of copy testing is that instead of advertising in case of press ads a product in a straightforward manner, the wording and animation of the ad is set up in a somewhat more imaginative collage.

Services Unitrend Offers

Event management is a major part of the advertising services that Grey provides. These include musical concerts, games and dealer conferences. On 11 August they transposed into This agency is probably more creative and professional in their approach than Unitrend They have a very solid competitive base the name of Asiatic Presently the organization has total of 48 employees At the dawn: In the inception Asiatic wanted to set them in a respectable niche in the market.

From then till late nineteen eighties their focus remained in positioning themselves in the market Though they took a lot of time to go through this introduction stage but they made no drastic changes, they believed in a slow start Also since advertising still did not make a significant standing their scope to grow at the very was not facilitated.

They made clients like Lever Brothers, which was major boost for them Lever increased their range of products and they went for broader advertising so Asiatic flustered product range.

In the long run their plan was to grow with the clients they already have rather than increasing their number of clients. Till now their competitors were Bitopi and Interspeed who were one of the pioneering in advertising. But within a year only that is in they experienced their first setback.

Lever Brother decided to give their product for advertising to various other upcoming advertising agencies. It was depressing situation of Asiatic. At this point Asiatic made a drastic strategic shift, they moved from working exclusively with few clients to working with other companies.

Their strategy was to focus at companies who were new in the market and also they charged high price on them. They were quite successful in this strategy because they had already built up an image in the business world.

This also helped them to recover from the slight fall they suffered. During early 90s, Asiatic found itself in a very comfortable plight in the market PEPSI became their client, which was an addition to their main framework of few permanent clients.

By this time firm image was there was their main strength. They were not much worried about their market share. But they faced problems in keeping the companies exclusively in their hands. It was major setback.

Internship report on ad agency bitopi

Nevertheless Asiatic was pulled up very soon. They were increasing at a decreasing rate. This was in The personality of the founder and image they had build up through the years played a significant role for their success. In addition to that affiliation with large corporate houses was important positive factor.

They also have new ventures in the whole operations of the business. But they have not become rigid in their decision they have enough room for other lucrative ventures. But recently they have given special emphasis on this issue. They had done very well in these campaigns. Their main focus was innovativeness.Internship Report Of Advertising Agency 25 REFLECTION ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT DURING INTERSHIP I set up goals halfway during my internship, to develop and improve areas that I .

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