How do you write a letter of intent to franchise a business

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How do you write a letter of intent to franchise a business

This hearty snack is made from pork or pork shrimp, beef and other meat products with toasted garlic, chilis, soy sauce with calamansi as dip. To quench the thirst while eating, there would be some black gulaman on the side.

Since then, the siomai industry has evolved and transformed from an ordinary wooden wagon to a dazzling food cart franchise.

As seen on every busy spot on the metro, a certain brand of siomai food cart has prevailed and that is of Siomai House. If you have thoughts of franchising a Siomai House food cart but is totally clue less of how it works, you need to check out our detailed and step by step procedure below.

There may be tons of siomai food cart franchise available in the market but as you could see, Siomai House is one of the most sought after in this line of business because of the superb taste of its products and the existing outlets throughout Metro Manila and in different parts of Luzon.

It has reached over outlets because of the customers awe in amazement for their siomai. How much is the Franchise cost of Siomai House? Siomai House is P, How to Start a Siomai House Franchise?

If you have decided to franchise a Siomai House food cart, you need to follow the steps in chronological order.

how do you write a letter of intent to franchise a business

You need to complete the franchise application form. You can download one online and submit it to their office or fill out the application from their office at Caloocan City. You need to complete the application requirements such as the letter of intent, detailed sketch map, location photos, detailed instruction of commuters on how to get to you target location, cost of rental monthly, floor plan for commercial establishments and resume.

Once you have completed step 2 and your application is deemed valid, you would be given a control number. Without a control number, there would not be any application progress.

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The applications progress is informed through sms, phone call or email. Upon receiving a confirmation, you would be asked to settle a minimal inspection fee of pesos for Metro Manila applicants and pesos for provincial applications.

Payments options may be in cash or paid online. The next step would be location evaluation. This is one of the most tedious step in the application stage. There would be a series of ocular inspection to thoroughly study your preferred location. You will be informed of the results within 4 to 6 weeks upon receiving your inspection control number.

The results evaluation will either be sent through mail or email whichever applicable. After the location inspection would be the initial interview of our aspiring entrepreneur. Final interview would then be conducted by the board.

Upon passing the final interview, you would be asked to settle the franchise fee ofpesos. The franchise fee is inclusive of the equipment and utensils needed. Exclusions of the franchise fee are the initial inventory and the cost permits and licenses to operate the business.

Upon payment, you would undergo the franchise and operations orientation the same day along with your crew. A checklist would be handed to you for outlet preparation. Documentary requirements completion and technical inspection of your approved location follows. Booth or outlet construction takes place once you have completed the necessary documents.

Ingress of booth and products comes as the next step.

how do you write a letter of intent to franchise a business

Training for business operation and sales crew follows. Monitoring of daily sales. There would be a meeting with regards to the operations evaluation. For more information visit:Whats In A Name May 2, at pm. I also though that they seemed to be confusing a higher chance of being interviewed with a guarantee to interview as Alison stated and you .

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How do you write a letter of intent to franchise a business