Hamlet soliloquy essay prompts

Act V, scene i Summary: Act V, scene i In the churchyard, two gravediggers shovel out a grave for Ophelia. They argue whether Ophelia should be buried in the churchyard, since her death looks like a suicide.

Hamlet soliloquy essay prompts

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Guest Column August 3, I learn something new in every article or book I write, but perhaps never as much as I learned while composing my latest book, The Bard and the Bible: Writing that book was not only stimulating but also educational.

Because even after more than forty books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of blog posts, I learned from the Bard of Avon at least eight crucial and valuable lessons: Study thy Craft No one knows when Shakespeare started writing poems and plays.

Scholars are pretty sure, however, that he became an actor first, probably between and There is no indication that he was a great actor, but he probably learned stagecraft and playwrighting while trodding the boards as a young apprentice.

If your grammar needs work, take a class or read a book. Read blogs like this one. Enlist a good critique partner. He injected specific elements into his writing for each part Hamlet soliloquy essay prompts his audience, and may even have revised his plays when they were presented at court as opposed to in the countryside or theaters.

What is true of his plays is also true of his poetry. Many of his sonnets, for example, were clearly written for a specific person in a specific situation. So be that specific in identifying and writing for your audience.

You need a target to shoot at, an audience to play off, a clear picture of who your reader is for any given project.

Take the time to find the best word Do not dip your pen in an inkwell of ordinary language. Take the time and trouble to find the best word, the just-so turn of a phrase, as Shakespeare did in one of his most justifiably famous scenes, as the dying nobleman John of Gaunt describes his homeland: Maybe those words came to Shakespeare in a rush of inspiration.

However it happened, he found just the right words, words that would be imitated and quoted often by his contemporaries and by generations to come. You have tools Shakespeare lacked: So take the time to find the word that best expresses what you want to say.

Hamlet soliloquy essay prompts

But he would not have had done so well if he had neglected the funny bone and never created Falstaff, the fat knight, or Mistress Quickly, the innkeeper. In fact, you could say that Shakespeare invented both the stage musical and the romantic comedy.

He used humor everywhere in his plays. He even inserted comic relief into his darkest tragedies, like Macbeth and Hamlet.

Start with what makes you smile or chuckle. Use surprise, exaggeration, and unlikely combinations. And remember that humor always works best when it has an element of truth. What set him apart from everyone else, however, were his powers of innovation.

He invented new words. He coined memorable phrases. He took old plots and gave them new twists. In earlier versions of King Lear, for example, the tale ended happily.

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In Macbeth, he borrowed characters from different periods of history. In Othello, he made the noble African of the title a Christian instead of a Muslim, as would have been expected. Are you breaking new ground or at least putting a new twist on something? Suddenly, there were no theaters in which to perform and no crowds to applaud.

The theater closings—which happened several times during his career—totally erased his source of income. So what did he do?Hamlet Essay Questions. Buy Study Guide. 1.

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Hamlet is widely hailed as the first modern play in the English language. Which characteristics of its . Deconstructing Westworld is a series of essays that explores the themes, characters, and world of the HBO show, Westworld.

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William Shakespeare's 'Othello' is a complex and fascinating play that has inspired reams of literary criticism since the time it was written. Hamlet study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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