Girl sitting alone at school writing anime

Then Usagi bursts in and Mako lets her have some of it. Ai Haibara in Detective Conan claimed she was that.

Girl sitting alone at school writing anime

It probably came into your head, too. And it was probably something similar to this: But, hold on one second.

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So what appeal do big bouncing boobies have for me? Heck, High School of the Dead the anime where the infamous boob-gun gif originates is one of my favourite anime ever. In my opinion, I think there are 3 reasons why I, someone who is not the target audience for the typical ecchi anime female orientated ecchi when?

Lets just embrace our inner pre-pubescent selves for one moment: Make a joke about a guys dick looking like an alien? A pun involving nipples?

Of course it would be, the main characters are 5 horny teenage boys.

girl sitting alone at school writing anime

Yet, every joke fell perfectly. Whilst there were a few jokes that were made for an obvious panty-shot, most of the ecchi only really made a big focus when they wanted to create a really great punchline.

Like this wonderful misunderstanding: Sometimes ecchi can actually be crucial to the plot, and without it, a great anime could fall to…terrible. True, a terrible anime can also be terrible by using ecchi for the plot: On the other hand, we have shows such as Shokugeki no Souma Food Wars!

But it works, really well. I mean, sure, you can see a picture of food, and the characters say its delicious…but does that really demonstrate just how delicious it is?

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What about the characters having an orgasm as the food hits their tongue? Shokugeki is also unique, since unlike a lot of anime that use ecchi, it truly is secondary to the actual plot — which is food. But it definitely makes it memorable! Watching ecchi for the plot?

I hear you all say.

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If anything, the dirty jokes and over-characterised anatomy adds to the fun of the show. Whilst there is a heavy focus on the fanservice, the show never forgets the main plot, which is the ever-present threat of flesh eating zombies, and treats us to as much gore and storytelling as it does scantily dressed females.

Plus… Takashi is kind of hot, right, girls? The same also goes for the ever famous and popular High School DxD, which whilst I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed HOTD, I appreciate that it continues to keep a solid, interesting plot, aside from the riveting quest of Issei becoming the Harem King.

Overall, I do think ecchi has a unwarranted bad reputation. Yes, the shows can be trashy. But…having fun, whilst watching anime?

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Just plain old enjoyment? I for one, love to throw all my expectations and logic out of the window, switch my brain down to 0 and just watch some anime teens thinking some realistic teen things.

What do you guys think of ecchi? Are you for or against? Also, have any favourites?

girl sitting alone at school writing anime

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A cute teenage girl sitting on the bleacher steps with a serious expression Adorable, elegant school aged kid girl,holding colorful umbrella walking in the city street in rainy day. Oct 19,  · How to Draw an Anime Girl In this Article: Article Summary Drawing a Young Anime Girl Drawing an Anime School Girl Drawing a Teenage Anime Girl Drawing an Anime Girl in Swimwear Community Q&A Anime is a style of animation/drawing originating from Japan%().

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