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Archery - Archery contests were especially popular Bowls Colf - the ancestor of Golf Gameball - a simple football game Hammer-throwing Hurling or Shinty - a similar game to hockey Horseshoes - throwing horseshoes at a target Quarter-staff contests Skittles - an ancestor of modern ten-pin bowling Stoolball - an ancestor of Cricket Wrestling Outdoor entertainment also included the practises of certain festivals including May Day when people danced around a maypole and choose a May Queen. Religious plays were re-enacted by the Mummers. Entertainment for Rich People in the Middle Ages Entertainment for rich people centred around the spectacles of jousting and feasts or banquets.

Entertainment and people

By Jase Peeples December 17 7: Shonda Rhimes Screenwriter, director, and producer Shonda Rhimes is no stranger to improving the landscape of entertainment for a number of underrepresented groups.

Entertainment and people

There are scenes with people in them. Nick Jonas The youngest JoBro has been a friend of the LGBT community for years, but in he became an example for any straight male artist trying to connect with his gay fan base. It was a move relatively unheard of from a heterosexual male pop star.

Her 42nd studio album, Blue Smoke, was the highest-charting of her career to date, debuting at Entertainment and people 6 on the Billboard chart. In the midst of this career high, Parton has been more vocal than ever before about her support of the LGBT community. I try to love everybody.

He was also clear homophobic reactions to the storyline were not welcome. So I hope we get the opportunity to do more of that because we can and we should. Hudson harmonized with the Human Rights Campaign for the Turn It Up for Change initiative, an ongoing effort that aims to amplify the fight for LGBT rights, including marriage equality and employment protections.

This year the year-old continued adding his star power to the crusade, and brought several of his famous friends to the fight as well. So those are the ones who are dealing with [bullying] and at such a formidable age as well.


Stephen Colbert The fearmongering, wild accusations, and blatant bigotry of antigay conservatives who fight against LGBT civil rights often appear to be stranger than fiction. He even showed the rest of the media ahem, Piers Morgan what a respectful interview with a transgender hero looks like when Janet Mock took the hot seat.

Garnering critical acclaim and a prominent platform, the series introduced viewers to the beautiful, complex character of Maura, the head of a Los Angeles family who comes out to her loved ones as a transgender woman. The premise is drawn from Soloway's own experiences, as her own parent came out as transgender late in life.

Grant Morrison From the inclusion of gay and trans characters in original works like The Invisibles to featuring a racially diverse cast in popular mainstream titles like Batman Incorporated, writer Grant Morrison has a history of expanding diversity in the realm of comics.

The dimension-spanning tale includes the Justice League of Earth, which boasts a black Superman who is also the president of the United States on that Earth as well as the leader of the Leaguea gay speedster named Red Racer, and the aboriginal Australian powerhouse Thunderer among its members.

I also liked to dance and I spent a lot of time in gay clubs. As a straight [white guy from Scotland] I can only do so much, and I find even sometimes when you do this, you do get accused of tokenism or pandering.8 days ago · Now, on the eve of World AIDS Day (Dec.

1), he wants to reignite discussion about a disease some assume has abated — even though almost 40, people in the U.S.

receive HIV diagnoses each year. Using Technology for Entertainment: A Guide for People with Visual Impairments Entertainment, and leisure activities are important parts of our lives.

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