Destination planning of lithuania

Fares are low compared to Western Europe: The headrest can be lifted up to form a very comfortable bunk bed, which can be used while people are seated below.

Destination planning of lithuania

Fares are low compared to Western Europe: The headrest can be lifted up to form a very comfortable bunk bed, which can be used while people are seated below.

The seats themselves form the other pair of beds. Generally the railway network is not considered as an alternative to the road network as it does not exactly duplicates the roads.

As a result some places are more convenient to reach by train, some other places by bus, even if the railway and the highway are not far apart. Examples of the destinations which are more convenient to reach by train: This makes the question "which one is better, train or bus? In summer it runs on regular schedule, rest of the time tours must be booked in advance.

By thumb[ edit ] Hitchhiking in Lithuania is generally good. Get to the outskirts of the city, but before cars speed up to the highway speeds. The middle letter on the older licence plates with Lithuanian flag of the three letter code usually corresponds with the city of registration V for Vilnius, K for Kaunas, L for Klaipeda, etc.

Newer licence plates with EU flag are not bound to city of registration in any way.

Destination planning of lithuania

By bus[ edit ] Bus stop road signs for the three types of buses that provide passenger transport services between cities. In Lithuania it is easy to move by buses and in practice, all the bigger even a little places can be reached with buses.


The buses usually run more slowly than where a Western has got used due to if it is not a question of Ekspresas, the bus stops at every stop exactly. To be more precise, there are two types of bus lines see below and three types of the bus stops: The color is a color of a road sign for the bus stop.

For example 40km the trip by suburban bus can last thus an hour. Some buses are old cars that have mainly been brought from the Nordic countries, some are new ones, it is not predictable which one you will get.

Practically, when you travel the time is most important factor and the best decision is to take the closest bus which runs in the right direction. There is usually its own bus company on every town district centre and more than one company in the largest towns.

Just to name few, TOKS long distance routes and mini bus company Transrevis which will drive turns between Kaunas and Vilniusare based in Vilnius ; KauTra Kaunas Transport additionally specializes in bicycle transfer service, though luggage compartments vary in size and not all types of bicycles always can fit in.

The company offers the option to transport the bike to the agreed stop by the next bus with capacious compartment, informing you about the delivery by the short message to your cell phone. However, during the high season in summer popularity of this service is enormous, one should have that in mind if planning the trip by bicycle.

There are also several smaller intercity and suburban bus companies in all the cities mentioned above. The bulk of Lithuania's bus routes and turns have been listed in an address from which you also can reserve the tickets for certain routes.

However, pay attention to the fact that the payment system supports only some of the Lithuanian banks for the present and the credit card at the moment does not suit.

The list above is only for the intercity buses, which generally is sufficient. There are two types of bus lines in Lithuania: This is reflected in the structure of the bigger bus stations, for example Vilnius bus station has two sections, a suburban "blue" one blue color dominates in the timetables, destination plates on buses are written in blue and a intercity "red" one red colour dominates in the timetables, destination plates on buses are written in either blue or red.

Thus, for example, "Trakai" direction has two platforms, a "red" one where intercity buses leave directly towards Trakaiand a "blue" one where suburban buses leave to Trakai but run different routes, zig-zagging from village to village and finally arrive to Trakai.

Similarly, at the Trakai bus station there are two platforms for "Vilnius" direction: It is important to know that the "red" intercity bus always is faster. At the same time, intercity bus does not stop everywhere, for example the bus stop near the Hill of Crosses is for suburban buses only, if you wait there you can see many buses passing by but they won't stop there, you have to wait for a "blue" suburban bus.

Schedules for suburban buses usually are put up separately from the schedules for intercity buses. For buses and trolley-buses on routes within towns and cities it is usual to buy the ticket from the driver.

Recently the electronic ticketing has been introduced in major cities, but still the ticket can be obtained from the driver, though the types of tickets vary from town to town, for example in Vilnius you have to validate stamp using one of the punches for paper tickets the ticket obtained from the driver thus you can buy several tickets and use them laterin other cities you get a one-ride ticket which already is valid for this particular ride.

Inspectors periodically check tickets and will issue a fine if you cannot produce a correctly punched ticket or your electronic ticket is not valid. The bus is exited by the middle door and it is important to head for the door before the bus has stopped - it can be impossible to leave once people have started boarding; and if the driver sees that the bus stop outside is empty and nobody waits to leave the bus, the bus can skip the stop.

In addition to common buses run by municipality, many towns have private minibuses which usually operate express routes. By taxi[ edit ] Taxis run on a meter and can be booked by the phone numbers shown on the door of the taxi. Taxis are relatively cheap compared to western Europe.

Some companies may not be as honest as others, common sense will keep you safe in this regard.Lithuania's foremost attraction is its stunning Baltic coastline, especially the unique sliver of white sand known as Curonian Spit. Lonely coastal wetlands lure migrating birds by the tens of thousands while inland, lush forests watch over burnished lakes.

Destination planning of lithuania

Destination-management services in Lithuania: If you are planning a business meeting, conference, seminar, corporate event, incentive or teambuilding programme, or business tour, we will make sure that your programme is organized with the minimum of fuss or effort on your part.

Planning a Lithuania Vacation with Kids Places to Visit in Lithuania with Kids Thanks to a large complement of waterparks, beaches, and outdoor activities, Lithuania certainly stands as a bit of a hidden-gem holiday destination for the whole family. Feb 02,  · Baltic countries - Lithuania Forum.

Europe ; Lithuania ; I am planning a trip to the baltics and hope to get some advice pls. My first itinery is in August. 20 August fly to Riga for 3 nights.

23 August bus to tallin overnight. Lithuania Destination Experts. endis. Photo Contest Home Best Wedding Photos Best Engagement Photos Best Destination Photos x.

Wedding Planning: Lithuania: Invitations: Sugar Letters. Sugar Letters Best Wedding Invitations in Lithuania. About. Welcome! I am Evelina, the founder and designer of Sugar Letters. At Sugar Letters, we will work together to create a unique invitation.

Explore Lithuania holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | A land of wood and water, proud, independent Lithuania (Lietuva) is fast being recognised as one of Europe's gems. Planning tools Arriving in destination Entry and exit formalities Planning tips Practical information Getting around.

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