Cultural relativism and global values the

Those who would like to believe in a set of universal values find that they either can not find enough evidence for, or that there is too much evidence against such values. Cultural relativism, a relatively new idea in political science that has its origins in anthropology, is the major evidence and argument against global values. The Taliban, the former ruling party of Afghanistan, used cultural relativity arguments to support their particularly strict version of Islamic law that included the subjugation of women and the destruction of priceless pieces of art and artifacts. The United States, when attacked by its Western allies for its capital punishment laws, responds that "it is their way and no one else's business.

Cultural relativism and global values the

What is cultural relativism? Cultural relativism is the view that all beliefs, customs, and ethics are relative to the individual within his own social context.

Cultural relativism is widely accepted in modern anthropology. Cultural relativists believe that all cultures are worthy in their own right and are of equal value. Diversity of cultures, even those with conflicting moral beliefs, is not to be considered in terms of right and wrong or good and bad.

Cultural relativism is closely related to ethical relativism, which views truth as variable and not absolute. What constitutes right and wrong is determined solely by the individual or by society.

Since truth is not objective, there can be no objective standard which applies to all cultures. No one can say if someone else is right or wrong; it is a matter of personal opinion, and no society can pass judgment on another society. Cultural relativism sees nothing inherently wrong and nothing inherently good with any cultural expression.

So, the ancient Mayan practices of self-mutilation and human sacrifice are neither good nor bad; they are simply cultural distinctives, akin to the American custom of shooting fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Human sacrifice and fireworks—both are simply different products of separate socialization. The cultural relativist believes Westerners should not impose their ideas on terrorists, including the idea that the suicide bombing of civilians is evil.

Cultural relativists are generally opposed to missionary work. When the Gospel penetrates hearts and changes lives, some cultural change always follows. The cultural relativists may accuse the Richardsons of cultural imperialism, but most of the world would agree that ending cannibalism is a good thing.

As Christians, we value all people, regardless of culture, because we recognize that all people are created in the image of God Genesis 1: We also recognize that diversity of culture is a beautiful thing and differences in food, clothing, language, etc.

At the same time, we know that because of sin, not all beliefs and practices within a culture are godly or culturally beneficial.

How is culture defined?

Truth is not subjective John Our goal as missionaries is not to westernize the world. Rather, it is to bring the good news of salvation in Christ to the world. In amoral issues, missionaries seek to preserve and honor the culture of the people they serve.In Women and International Human Rights Law / Kelly D.

Askin and Dorean M. Koenig (eds.) It is naive to suppose that rights that are universally identified and defined, regardless of their intrinsic value, may be implemenated in defiance of values, rules, and customs that are locally prescribed in the name of culture.

This problem, however, is a . Before jumping on the cultural relativism bandwagon, stop and consider the potential economic consequences of a when-in-Rome attitude toward business ethics. Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Assumptions of Four Global Worldviews [Mary Poplin, Dallas Willard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

What is the nature of reality?

Cultural relativism and global values the

At the root of our society's deepest political and cultural divisions are the conflicting principles of four global worldviews. While each of us holds to some . Jan 05,  · Cultural Relativism: A Moral Fallacy. Cultural Relativism: A Moral Fallacy Cultural Relativism is the theory that all belief's are equally valid and that truth itself is relative, depending on the situation, environment and individual.

Cultural relativism and global values the

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Cultural Relativism and Global Values The Median That Works Universal values and human rights are abstractions that are considered by many as little more than a romantic concept.

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