Best place to live

Hunting, fishing, cattle, exotics, boating, horses or waterfowl…This fabulous place can do it all! Damed up Nueces River provides a nice fishing lake with giant trees, fishing dock, lakeside 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch house, manicured yard, and paved access South Texas Nueces River!!!

Best place to live

Swedish benefits are the best in the world. Five weeks paid vacation to start. Parents have time to bond with their children — one reason why Sweden was recently ranked the best place in the world to grow up.

Cheap daycare, unlimited sick days and free healthcare, need I go on? Yes, if you are a billionaire, like IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, then you are going to pay a lot of taxes, which is why he moved to Switzerland in Even Americans agree the progressive tax system in Sweden is just.

But look at how much I get. There is universal healthcare in Sweden. In that case, you pay a small amount per visit.

Best place to live

For kids under 18, you pay nothing. Daycare is heavily subsidized. So basically daycare is free. And, oh yeah, University is free. Overall, I am happy with the taxes I pay in Sweden because I get a lot back. Want more details on all the Swedish benefits? They cross-country and downhill ski, ice skate, play hockey, take walks, run, sled, drink coffee, and even put their babies outside to sleep in their carriages.

My kids do it too. The summer is incredible. The sun rises before you wake up and sets after you go to bed. The people are beautiful and they dress well. Get green If one of the most comprehensive public transportation systems in the world sound good to you, move to Sweden.

Take my family as an example. Can you do that where you live? All throughout Sweden the air is clean, there is tons of nature and the water is perfect for drinking and swimming. Transparent politics Sweden always ranks among the top countries in the world in transparency with low levels of corruption.

Yes, politicians are still politicians, but in Sweden they are less shady. Strong, independent media This is the main factor ensuring reason 7 remains on the list. The Swedish media does its job. This, in turn, creates an educated population and a transparent government. You are in Europe Close to all the other European countries.

That means weekend trips, skiing in the Alps, drinking Pinot Noir and savoring fresh mozzarella in Italy, touring the museums of Paris, and anything else you can think of.

Will Ferrell is practically a Swede He is married to one and comes to Sweden for a good part of the summer. Did I miss any?Music Matters Live returns for its eighth edition in Singapore.

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The Swedish flag at the end of the rainbow. This post will convince you to move to Sweden, even if you fear high taxes, hate the cold and dark, detest Abba and herring, and tremble with the thought of “Swedish socialism“. 10 reasons why you should move to Sweden.. 1. Swedish benefits are the best .

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