Amy mainzer single

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Amy mainzer single

Mainzer, who earned a B. What inspired your love for science, and astronomy in particular? When I was in first grade my parents bought me a kids book on Greek myths, Perseus, Andromeda, all that good stuff. I remember going to the library and looking in an encyclopedia to learn more and found there were multiple definitions for many of these mythological figures, that Perseus and Andromeda are also constellations, and that struck a chord.

I started out learning about mythological characters and fell in love with astronomy! Before the Internet, Amy mainzer single was really hard to come by, especially up-to-date information about space missions.

I remember clinging to the newspaper and watching anything I could find on TV about Voyager, the mission to the planets. What does it mean to be a scientist and is the reality different from the experience of many students in middle and high school?

Real science is about asking interesting questions and figuring out how can we solve them. Why are computers and knowing how to code important for scientists? Mainzer in a clean room Mainzer: Calculations that used to take thousands and thousands of hours by hand can now be done in seconds, and the impact on astronomy has been profound.

We can now run simulations that would have been completely and utterly impossible before. We filter through mega-pixel images in a fraction of the time that it would have taken before. We spend a lot of our time training the computer to take over tasks that are too time consuming for humans.

Nowadays we rely on computers to do repetitive calculations, such as grinding through huge volumes of pixels to identify data that has particular characteristics, and then we use our our human brains to interpret the results. When I stare into the night sky the scope and scale of the universe is overwhelming.


Given the infinite scope of the problems you can pursue, how do you decide which questions to ask and explore? Good scientists figure out what problems are interesting and what problems they can do something about. I like designing experiments, building the devices needed to test a hypothesis, interpreting the results and figuring out what they mean.

Spitzer Space Telescope source: While Hubble mostly uses visible light, Spitzer goes far into the infrared spectrum, or wavelengths that human beings by and large perceive as heat. When something feels warm on your skin, when you put your hand in the sun, what you are mostly feeling is infrared radiation from the sun interacting with your skin.

Spitzer launched in and has been used every day for the last ten years. Spitzer has been drifting away from the earth for the last ten years to make measurements in deep space. The best way to get away from the infrared radiation of the earth is to get off the earth and travel into deep space where it is cold.

What things has Spitzer detected that were surprising or that reinforced existing theories about the universe? To me that is an incredible discovery because Spitzer was not originally designed for that purpose, and it turns out that the fine guidance sensor is an important part of being able to make those measurements.

Regarding the asteroid named after you, how did that come to be? A very reflective surface, like a freshly paved sidewalk tile, will be very bright in the sun, whereas something that is very dark, like a piece of coal, will be fainter and harder to see. To be curious about the world around you, to be interested in things, asking questions about how things work.

It turns out that the answers are really interesting. Keep asking questions, even for things that you think you understand.Amy Mainzer, Self: For the Love of Spock. Amy Mainzer is an American astronomer, specializing in astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy.

She holds a Bachelors degree with honors in Phyisics, and Masters and Ph.D degrees in Astronomy. Dr. Mainzer is a research scientist working on different projects at NASA's Jet .

Amy Mainzer (born January 2, ) is an American astronomer, specializing in astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy. She is the Deputy Project Scientist for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer and the Principal Investigator for the NEOWISE project to study minor planets and the proposed Near Earth Object Camera space Fields: Astrophysics.

Amy Mainzer

May 17,  · Happier Abroad Forum Community. Her name is Amy Mainzer and she is an astrophysicist for NASA.


She's on the History Channel a lot in their "Universe" series. As far as I know, she's still single. You can write her and propose if you want.

I think she has a public email?

Amy mainzer single

lol. Nov 01,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Is Dr Amy mainzer married? She appears on the history channel show, The Universe, and is the hottest nasa scientist ever!!Status: Resolved. gchat app for iphone 4s online klavier spielen lernen kostenlos Einzelne Ansichtskarte dieses Typs single mann 32 pz bekanntschaften.

Pilze als Nahrung – AK einzeln – . Nov 23,  · Hate to tell you this, pal, but Dr. Amy Mainzer, whom I adore, is a lesbian. Now before you flame me, do some research.

I'll point you in the right direction.

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