Americans are too concerned with material

Unfortunately, the American dream is becoming more and more materialistic. When I look at America today, I see a nation obsessed with shopping and buying unnecessary products.

Americans are too concerned with material

Teen edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Americans are too concerned with material

Since political correctness arose to deal with the very serious matter of keeping the peace, a debate over whether it's of benefit or detriment to society has sprung up in recent years. Some felt that the space-theme connected the term "illegal alien" with Hispanic immigration and culture. Across the country, a "bias-free language guide" was given to University of New Hampshire students in order to stop using offensive -- yet common -- vocabulary.

Why are these arguably drastic actions taking place on campuses across the country? For the sake of political correctness. Merriam-Webster defines politically correct as "agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.

Touchy subjects During a radio interview with ESPN, Jerry Seinfeld expressed his dislike for performing on college campuses and said, "A lot of people tell me, 'Don't go near colleges. Even President Barack Obama has discussed this sensitive culture at colleges, especially the disdain toward aspects of conservative-leaning materials that could potentially offend students.

Nazareth history teacher Jon Paul Jurasas said his beliefs align with the findings of the study. I don't see it as something that's limiting, I see it as something that is actually liberating because it can allow you to see things in a new light.

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Indeed, many are critical of such a culture. In interviews, President Obama has said that he doesn't agree with colleges avoiding potentially offensive material because he feels students shouldn't be sheltered from different points of view.

The debate occurs at the high school level as well. A key player in the conversation is the concept of "trigger warnings," which are designed to alert students when books, videos and other forms of media may contain sensitive or distressing material.

Nazareth English teacher Jessica Radogno said that trigger warnings shouldn't stop students from reading books like "Huckleberry Finn" because they are important pieces of literature and history. So too much sheltering is not good. Some feel the culture is moving America in the right direction with a new attitude of tolerance and respect while others believe it violates the constitutional right of free speech.

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Shu-Ju Ada Cheng, sociology professor at DePaul University, said she defends advocates for political correctness and questions those who believe it affects Americans' right to speak. Another thing to think about is that the concept of free speech is really in relation to the state, not simply about individuals.

Americans are too concerned with material

This is true whether someone is politically correct or incorrect," Cheng said. Why is this being used to discredit any progressive activism?

Notes on American life from American history.

In order to help make the process easier, Cheng offers some questions teens should ask themselves. Who labels whom and who gets labeled?Terrorism and the economy lead a long list of Americans' top priorities for Congress and for President Barack Obama in his final year in office, according to a Pew Research Center study released.

Young Americans are being told that “an education” and “a career” are more important. According to the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of all American adults are currently married. Back in , 72 percent of all adults in America were married. Feb 17,  · Unfortunately, the American dream is becoming more and more materialistic.

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When I look at America today, I see a nation obsessed with shopping and buying unnecessary products. The article American Values by Robert Kohls, states “Americans are materialistic. This means that they value and collect more material objects than most people would ever dream of owning.

Sep 24 Are Americans Too Materialistic? Anonymous. Economics. by Anonymous In today’s society, Americans thrive on materialism. No matter how much we are privileged enough to have, it is never enough.

There is this constant competition to have the best products that exist, for it is the reason we spend so much money on things we probably don.

Mar 06,  · Americans of today have an historically unprecedented amount of material goods. Maybe, as popular impressions have it, they are particularly obsessed with the getting of those goods.

But perhaps, instead, the relative ease with which we get the goods actually means there is less need to obsess about or to flaunt them.

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